Product Packaging Change Notice – AGP1 Iron

Customers of AGAPE Superior Living Sdn Bhd
From :
Product Development Department
Subject: Product Packaging Change Notice – AGP1 Iron
Date : 25 June 2020
Dear Valued Customers,

Thank you for your continuous support toward AGAPE products.

This memo is to inform you on the product packaging change for AGP1 Iron (Batch No. 1310520) and the subsequent batch.

The new packaging for this product will now have a smaller dropper bottle opening, hence the adjustment of total droplet per serving (1ml).

Please note that the total droplet per serving (1ml) will increase from 8 to 12 drops as indicated in the new product label. We understand product efficacy is the utmost concern, thus be rest assured as the total Iron content per serving will remain the same.

Thank you once again for your support towards AGAPE products. Should you have any question or concerns with regards to this notice, please feel free to contact our Nutritionist at 03-2732 5716 (ext 214 & 216) for further clarifications.

Best regards,
Product Development Department
AGAPE Superior Living Sdn Bhd