Personal Product Coupon Promotion

AGAPE Superior Living Sdn Bhd’s Members
From :
Samsul Kamal, Marketing Director
Subject: Personal Product Coupon Promotion
Date : 5th June 2020
Promotion Period
9th June 2020 until 31st December 2020

Personal Product Coupon (PPC)
  • Personal Product Coupon entitlement calculation as status below:
    • 150BV = ONE (1) Product Coupon
    • 260BV = TWO (2) Product Coupon

  • Each product coupon carries RM400 worth of value with 6 months validity from date generated.

  • Activation fee of RM120 per coupon is imposed upon redemption.

  • The coupon is used to redeem Ala-carte BV products without BV entitlement.

  • The product coupon is not exchangeable for cash.

  • PPC entitlement is under monthly BV accumulation basis, no carry forward BV to next month.
  • PPC entitlement for the month will be issued in the following month.
Illustration for multiple product coupon entitlement in single invoice.

Example 1: 300BV in a month

260BV = 2 PPC
*Balance 40BV forfeited.

Example 2: 520BV in a month

  260BV = 2 PPC
+ 260BV = 2PPC
  520BV = 4 PPC
There will NOT be any 3-tier splitting BV for Personal Product Coupon (PPC) entitlements calculation for:
  1. First Purchase
  2. Upgrade Purchase
  3. Repurchase

Activation Fee
The Activation Fee to be increased to RM150 by 1st September 2020 (after the end of MCO Entrepreneur Program).

Best Regards,
Samsul Kamal
Marketing Director