Superlife Medical Advisory Board Member

– An Integrative GP (Medical Doctor) practicing on the Sapphire Coast in NSW, Australia.
– Currently is Vice – President of AIMA (Australian Integrative Medical Association).
– Editor of the Journal of Integrative Medicine.
– Co – Editor of a New International evidence based peer reviewed Integrative Medicine Journal
(Advances in Integrative Medicine).
– Member of the Australian Integrative Medical Association.
– Co- Authored several Boo. including:
a. Live Your Best Life
b. Your Health, Your Diet, Your Life
– Lectured for multiple Integrative Medical Associations, including:
a. ALMA (Australian Lifestyle Medicine Association)
b. ACNEM (Australian College of Integrative and Environmental Medicine)
c. AACMA (Australasian Academy of Anti – Aging Medicine) and
d. AIMA (Australian Integrative Medical Association)


Global President of Superlife

-Member of the Diabetes Research Group, trained in the area of Endocrinology.
-Involved in collaborative research in the USA at the Department of Pathology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.
-Head of the Teaching laboratories of the Department of Biochemistry at La Trobe University, Bundoora.
-Senior Research Officer at the Department of Medicine, Alfred Hospital Monash Medical School.
-Joined the Commonwealth Serum Laboratories (CSL) of Australia as a Protein Chemist, thereafter
progressing to the position of Product Specialist, Manager and Project Manager.
-Actively involved with a number of enterprises specializing in the fields of microbiology and biotechnology
such as development of microbiological products (probiotics), environmental bioremediation.
-Actively involved in the development of Organic and companion farming in Australia and led the
establishment of a number of successful sustainable farming programs.
-Instrumental in the establishment and development of The Graduate School of Integrative and Environment. Medicine,
-Swinbume University(GSIM) and contributed to the growing use and acceptance of integrative medicine in Australia.
-Senior lecturer and Director of Research Development at GS..
-Integrative Medicine Consultant to Pathlab in Melboume and ADL in the USA.


Chairman of Superlife Medical Advisory Board

-Medical specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics
-Director “MED.EON Medical Institution”‘ Germany
-Co-founder of “GGGM Genogyn-Genomed Institution”, Germany
-Director “LIGEKO — Research Foundation for Collagen Metabolism and Anti-Aging”, Germany
-Director “INF — Organisation”, Germany
-Co-founder and Medical Head of VITAVERSUM Research Institute, Germany
-Co-founder and Director of the HARA ( Health& Research) Institutte, Basel, Switzerland
-Medical advisor/expert on German TV Health Programs


Global Administrator of Superlife And Chief Co-ordinator of the ATP- Zeta Super Health Program

-Regional Vice President of a Canadian based network marketing company, responsible for training,
recruiting and maintaining the company’s Distributor force.
-He built a sales force of over 5,000 Distributors in 90 days.
-In 1990, Peter went on to become the Founder of a United States based company which sold their
technologies and products to some of the largest network marketing companies in USA.
-Then, Peter served as the International Director of Distribution Development for a United States based network
marketing company and was responsible for creating an active sales force of over 20.000 Distributors
-He is greatly involved in Agape Superior Living Business to become global direct selling business.


Superlife – Head of Europe. Operations

-Chairman and CEO of Median MediTech Research and Manufacturing GmbH. Germany.
-Active member of several research foundations and organizations.
-Medical adviser and lecturer for Oxidative Therapies and Hyperthermia Therapies.
-Lecturer for food supplements and functional foods.
-A co-founder of several NGOs in Europe and South America.
-Active in several projects and organizations for the protection of environment.

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