The world is marching towards a new beginning! Farewell to a fruitful 2019 and welcome a brand new 2020…
Looking back on 2019, I felt a great deal of turmoil in the market whereby the effect of global economy has shrunk the operation expenditure of many companies worldwide. The most common cost reduction known by many is the downsizing of companies.

I understand the worries towards the economy crisis and slowdown currently experienced by many companies. Hence, AGAPE is always on the move to adapt to the constant changes happening in the market. We hope to help create an economic miracle together with you!

Nevertheless, this is a year I felt grateful because we have a group of loyal and supportive comrades developing this business with us.

Everyone of us continue to help each other in the face of economic crisis. We have overcome all the adversity of 2019 together and now built a stronger bond despite all the challenges presented.

The seeds of confidence we planted will direct us to our path of the future. The steps we take that gradually unfold towards the changing environment will take us to our dreams. The new dawn of success will only belong to all of you who are positive and full of enthusiasm!

AGAPE ATP shall spread our wings in the year of 2020 towards the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).
We shall solidify our position locally, and expand our reach towards globalization. Together with you, our beloved comrades, we shall write our history as we reach many historic milestones together in the year of 2020, a year of many opportunities.

S.S.A.P., D.I.M.P., JP
Global President of AGAPE ATP


    The first Agape Superior Living meeting was held on September 2002 and chaired by the founder of ATP ZETA Super Health Program, Mr. Frank Ellis.
    It sent waves of excitement across the globe including the United States, Canada, the South East Asia region and Australia with consumers eagerly desiring to benefit from ATP Zeta Super Health Program.


    To become the foremost provider of total health, wellness and lifestyle solutions in the world.


    To promote superior living standards globally through excellence in products, services and systems that improve the quality of life, greatly enhancing people’s overall well-being and happiness.


    The ATP Zeta Super Health Program is at the forefront of Agape Superior Living, re-educating people on the power of preventative health and how to live a healthier life full of energy and vitality.
    The ATP Zeta Super Health Program comprised of:
    1) World’s leading health and wellness products.
    2) Game-changing technology and e-commerce solutions.
    3) Personal development/ life skills training seminars.


The ATP Zeta Super Health Program nourishes the human cells with a full range of nutrients, allowing the body to stay in optimum health. When the cells are healthy, the body’s tissues and organs will also be in good shape, which in turn leads to balanced well-being. The ATP Zeta program had proven to be a successful health care model, with proven theoretical basis and concepts which are supported by wide-ranging nutritional and medical studies. The ATP Zeta program is recognised by scientists from the United States, Germany and Australia.

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Body Detoxification

Helps to reduce toxin accumulation to prevent cells from damage. Detoxification also boosts the supply of oxygen and nutrients at the cellular level.

Cell Repairing & Rejuvenation

Speed up cell repair and promotes better cell rejuvenation as we age. Regulation of cell division supports overall health and well-being, helping us to stay younger inside out.

Cell Protection

Helps to activate the immune cells to build internal and external protection of body cells. The outer shield is essential to guard against bacterial and viral infections. The internal protection prevents the development of abnormal cells such as cancer in the body.


Bryan Kee King Gwok

I am happy to get rid of my pimples and the scars left behind. The pain in my shoulder had also subsided within days of taking the ATP 3 Ionized Cal-Mag.

Bryan Kee King Gwok
Woo Chye Lin

I took part in the ATP Zeta Super Health Program in 2012. In less than two months, my health improved significantly and I can fall asleep faster to get a head’s start on the next day’s tasks. I also enjoyed a sickness free year.

Woo Chye Lin
Berry Beh Sheue Yuen

ATP Zeta Super Health Program helped relieve the sensitive nose problem that I had since I was 12 years old. Taking ATP 3 Ionized Cal-Mag and ATP 4 Omega Blend helped improve my spine, wrist and shoulder pain condition. ATP 3 Ionized Cal-Mag made me sleep better and solved my insomnia problem once and for all.

Berry Beh Sheue Yuen
Chris Lim Moi Hwa

After I took the ATP 3 Ionized Cal-Mag, I felt my heartbeat became more stable 5 minutes later. Ever since I consumed three sets of ATP Zeta Super Health Program products, the spur on my neck has recovered without the need of going through an operation and I had no longer felt a headache and eye pain caused by the spur.

Chris Lim Moi Hwa
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