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    The first Agape Superior Living preview meeting was held on September 2002 in conjunction with the Founder of ATP ZETA Program – Mr. Frank Ellis.
    Great excitement created within U.S.A., Canada, South East Asia, and Australia markets with people eagerly wanting to benefit from ATP Zeta Program.


    To become the foremost provider of total health, wellness and lifestyle solutions globally in the near future.


    To promote exceptional living standards worldwide by providing excellence in products, services and systems that can improve the quality of peoples’ life and maximize their ability to achieve genuine happiness.


    The ATP Zeta Health Solution, is the spearhead of Agape Superior Living to re-educate the people about the power of preventative health and how to successfully live a healthier life.
    This program emphasizes the field of:
    1) world leading health and wellness products
    2) technology and e-commerce solutions
    3) self-development training seminars.


Nourishes human cells with a full range of nutrients, thus aids our body cells to stay in optimum health level. By maintaining the health in cellular level, the health of tissues and organs will be achieved, which will in turn lead to healthy body. It unveils the important milestone towards true health. This health plan is proven to be a successful health model, as its theoretical basis and health concept was proven by numerous nutritional and medical studies. It has obtained the recognition of scientists from America, Germany, Australia and the United Nations.

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Body Detoxification

Reduces toxin accumulation and prevents cell from damaged. Furthermore, detoxification promotes better oxygen & nutrients supply at cellular level.

Cell Repairing & Rejuvenation

Speeds up cell repairing process and promotes better cell duplication to replace aging cells. This is the basic way to enhance normal function of system in body and keep the body young and energetic.

Cell Protection

Activates the immune cells to build internal and external protection of body cell. The external protection is important to prevent virus or bacterial infections while the internal protection is important to prevent the development of abnormal cell such as cancer cell in body.


Bryan Kee King Gwok

I felt happy as my pimples and sears are reduced.
My shoulder pain had also recovered on the fourth day after I consumed ATP 3 Ionized Cal-Mag.

Bryan Kee King Gwok28 years old
Woo Chye Lin

In 2012, I start to be on ATP Zeta Super Health Program. In just 1-2 month, I notice that my health condition had improved significantly and I did not felt sleep that easy. I was also free from any severe illness for the pass whole year.

Woo Chye Lin 27 years old
Berry Beh Sheue Yuen

ATP Zeta Super Health Program had improved my sensitive nose problem that I had since I was 12 years old. Taking ATP 3 Ionized Cal-Mag and ATP 4 Omega Blend helped me a lot on my spine, wrist and shoulder pain. ATP 3 Ionized Cal-Mag made me sleep easier and solved my insomnia problem.

Berry Beh Sheue Yuen 27 years old
Chris Lim Moi Hwa

After I consumed ATP 3 Ionized Cal-Mag for 5 minutes, I felt my heart beat became more stable. After I took three sets of ATP Zeta Super Health Program, the spur on my neck has recovered without any operation and I had no longer felt headache and eye pain caused by the spur

Chris Lim Moi Hwa 50 years old
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