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Energy Mask – N°3 MED Firming

Collagen is one of the primary extracellular matrix components of the skin dermis. Collagens co-polymerize to form extended mechanically stiff fibrils which confer the strength to the tissue promoting elasticity of the skin. However, the overall collagen content diminishes approximately 1% a year leading to a gradual loss of skin elasticity and leading to sagging. This process is the primary internal factor in the skin ageing. Additionally, chronic sun exposure is the external factor that leads to a marked degradation of skin collagen structure resulting in wrinkles formation. Therefore, the anti-ageing ingredients that can fight against both the internal ageing and external ageing factors have drawn tremendous attention among scientist and consumers.

AGAPE formulates the N°3 with the patented Djulis (Chenopodium formosanum Koidz) Seed Extract, the native cereal plant in Taiwan and traditionally called “ruby of cereals.” The formulation is clinically proven to be effective in stimulation of collagen secretion and anti-advances glycation end-products (AGEs) reducing the glycation of skin collagen, provide protection and maintenance of the basal skin collagen production. This treatment enhances the secretion of collagen and proven to fight against skin sagging process capable of delivering an instant boost in skin elasticity up to 14.4% with only 5 minutes of application.


  • Djulis Seed Extract can suppress the skin collagen glycation process, reduces collagen loss, and enhancing collagen secretion.

  • Collagen Firming Complex is a hydrolyzed marine collagen that can penetrate deeper skin layer and improves skin elasticity. Proven effective in repairing the dead skin tissue, smoothen wrinkles to restore the smoothness and health of the skin.

  • Vitamin E helps in preventing wrinkles formation and providing the essential skin moisture content.

  • Clinical analysis has proven that Djulis Seed Extract can elevate skin collagen contents after 2 weeks of application and deliver a long-lasting effect for 4 weeks.

  • In just 5 minutes, the N°3 Firming Mask boosts skin elasticity by up to 14.4%.


Formosa Ruby™

  • Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions in collagen stimulating and anti-skin ageing Djulis extract 2014 – Gold Medal

  • Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions in collagen stimulating and anti-skin ageing Djulis extract 2014 – FIRI Award for the Best Invention


  • Djulis (Chenopodium formosanum Koidz) Seed Extract – Formosa Ruby™

  • BioStine HP

  • Vitamin E

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  • Not recommended for storage in refrigerator.

  • Remove the mask before it dries on the skin.


  • Suitable for daily use.

  • Before you apply the mask, be sure to cleanse your skin thoroughly.

  • Apply the N°1 Hydration mask followed by the N°2 whitening mask/N°3 firming mask the following day (based on needs).


Store in a dry place at room temperature.

Net Weight


1 box – 5pcs

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