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Energy Mask – N°2 MED Whitening

Exposing skin cells to UV radiation induces skin cells oxidation resulting in skin ageing. In the year 1956, Denham Harman proposed that excessive accumulation of oxidation by-products, namely Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) over time are the main contributor to skin ageing process. Ageing leads to thinning of epidermal and dermal skin layers resulting in losing skin functions as the first barrier against the environment. When skin loses its barrier function, the UV radiation activates inducible ROS and subsequently induces melanin production. The more significant amount of melanin released, the darker the tan will become.

N°2 Whitening mask formulated with patented Peach Blossom Stem Cell Extract has clinically shown its efficacy in inhibiting the melanin synthesis, down-regulating the melanin synthesis gene, boosting skin moisturise level and protecting skin against UV radiation. This treatment enhances the skin brightness up to 6.3% in just 5 minutes of application and synergistically rejuvenate a profound and long-lasting skin ability in anti-UV damage.


  • Peach Blossom Stem Cell Extract suppresses melanin production and fight against UV radiation to protect skin cells and result in whitening effect.

  • Vitamin B3 stimulates interstitial hyperplasia cell and helps in increasing the moisturizing ceramide by 7.4 times in order to remove skin roughness and smoothing skin.

  • Hyaluronic acid helps to enhance skin’s hydration. It forms a protective film on the skin surface, providing a moisturizing sensation, preventing moisture evaporation in skin thus maintaining moisture retention.

  • Clinical studies proven that after 8 weeks of Peach Blossom Stem Cell Extract application, the skin melanin content significantly reduced by 9.3% and skin brightness increased about 3.5%.

  • In just 5 minutes of application, N°2 Whitening mask effectively boost skin brightness up to 6.3%


Cell Young® Peach Blossom Stem Cell Extract

    • 2015 Invention/New Product Exposition (INPEX)-Silver Medal


  • CellYoung ®Peach Blossom Callus Extract

  • B3 Nicotinamide

  • Sodium Hyaluronate

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  • Not recommended for storage in refrigerator.

  • Remove the mask before it dries on the skin.


  • Suitable for daily use.

  • Before you apply the mask, be sure to cleanse your skin thoroughly.

  • Apply the N°1 Hydration mask followed by the N°2 whitening mask/N°3 firming mask the following day (based on needs).


Store in a dry place at room temperature.

Net Weight


1 box – 5pcs

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