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ATP1s Survivor Select provides complete nutrients such as amino acid (protein), polysaccharides, vitamins and minerals to the cells; it is able to stimulate the bio-energy quickly, to energize each cell, maintains the normal function of cells.


  • ATP1s is formulated from high nutrient content of plants in the hot Australian dessert, organic wheat grass and super bee pollen. These valuable materials that come from the dessert in north-western Australia is one of the oldest and less polluted areas in the world.

  • ATP1s Survivor Select becomes the world most complete natural nutritional food and has been awarded the world healthiest food for 17 years.

  • ATP1s Survivor Select supplies various nutrients and energy to the human body in order to enhance physical and mental health, and helps strengthen the immune system.


Australia super bee-pollen, organic Australian wheatgrass sprouts (bfa), royal jelly, plum, lime, peppermint, lemon and propolis.


  • Stimulates instant bio-energy production at cellular level to ensure sufficient supply of energy to the body cells. Therefore, maintaining good energy level and vitality of the users.

  • Increases body metabolism and relieves body fatigue and weakness.

  • Promotes healthy body development and growth

    • Improves the development of bone and teeth

    • Improves muscle growth

  • Energizes cells.

  • Promotes cell detoxification and repair capabilities, strengthens cell self-healing ability.

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  • Please do not mix with dairy products (milk or soy milk).

  • Please wait at least one hour before you take ATP1 if you have taken any medicines or milk products.


Add a teaspoon (5g) of ATP1s Survivor Select in a glass of water, juices, beverages or soups and drink it immediately. Suggest taking it before meal. 1 – 2 times a day.

(For those who need it for medical purposes, please seek advice from medical professionals)


Keep in a cool, dry place. Suggest to finish the product within 60 days after opening.

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