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ATP 3-Ionized Cal-Mag is a specialized calcium supplement that is designed to become totally ionic before entering the body. It is the world first balance formulation which can be absorbed completely through human intestinal wall.


  • ATP 3-Ionized Cal-Mag is a unique Ionized Cal-Mag with balance formulation which can be absorbed completely through human intestinal wall.

  • ATP 3-Ionized Cal-Mag contains Ionized Magnesium and apple cider to promote better absorption and utilization by cell.

  • Plant source Calcium, safe for consume, no side effect and does not cause dependency problems.

Main Ingredients

  • Calcium Gluconate

  • Magnesium Carbonate

  • Apple Cider

Main Benefits

  • Strengthens the bone system and promotes better bone development. Furthermore, it also prevents calcium losing and prevents osteoporosis.

  • Strengthens the teeth structure and prevents teeth damaged.

  • Provides abundant of ionic trace minerals to prevent chronic diseases through:

    • Promotes better blood circulation to stabilize blood pressure.

    • As buffer which play an important role in acid-base regulation (Blood pH7.25 – 7.45).

  • Promotes better relaxing of centre nerves system and enhances sleep quality.

  • Promotes better relaxing of muscle to prevent muscle sore and cramps.

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Please take an hour later if you have just taken any medicines for the best result.


Add a spoon of ATP3 in room temperature water and drink after the powder is fully dissolved in water, suggest taking 2 times daily before meal or before sleep. You may add ATP3 into any fruit juices or drinks.


Keep in dry and cool place.


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