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ATP 3-Ionized Cal-Mag is a specialized calcium supplement that is designed to become ionic before entering the body. It is the world first balance formulation which can be entirely absorbed by the human intestinal wall.


  • ATP 3-Ionized Cal-Mag is a unique Ionized Cal-Mag with balance formulation which can be absorbed completely by the human intestinal wall.

  • ATP 3-Ionized Cal-Mag contains ionized magnesium and apple cider to promote better absorption and utilization by cell.

  • Plant source calcium, safe for consumption, no side effect and does not cause dependency problems.


Calcium gluconate, magnesium carbonate, acetic acid, apple cider vinegar apple cider vinegar, distilled water.

Main Benefits

  • Increases the calcium absorption rate of bones, strengthens the bone system and promotes better bone development.

  • Improves teeth density and structure.

  • Provides abundance of ionic trace minerals to:

    • Promote better blood circulation to stabilize blood pressure.

    • Play an important role in acid-base regulation. Maintains the pH level of blood (pH7.35 – 7.45).

  • Promotes the relaxation of the centre nerves system, stabilize the mood and enhances sleep quality.

  • Promotes the relaxation of muscle to prevent soreness and cramps.

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For best result, please wait at least an hour if you have just taken any medicines prior to taking this product.


Add a teaspoon of ATP3 in a glass of warm water. You may mix ATP3 into any fruit juices or drinks. 2 times daily before meal or before sleep. Avoid using metal or stainless-steel container. It is recommended to use porcelain or paper cup.


Keep in a cool dry place.

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