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ATP 5 BetaMaxx is derived from the cell wall of baker’s yeast as a purified long chain Beta 1.3D Supplement. It is a 100% natural immune enhancers (BetaMaxx does not contain any yeast protein or living yeast.)


  • ATP5 BetaMaxx is derived from the cell wall of baker’s yeast and is a medical breakthrough in history.

  • It contains high quality β 1.3D Polysaccharides for better absorption and able to show the effect of strengthening immune system in the shortest time.

  • It has gone through more than 60 years of research and finally become the safest, fastest and most effective product in the world that activate human immune system, as a wound healing agent and also helps in anti-tumour activity.

  • Is a 100% natural immune enhancer, and do not cause any allergy reaction

Main Ingredients

  • Baker’s yeast extract (Saccharomyces cerevisiae)

Main Benefits

  • Strengthens the function of immune cells to build up better immune response of body for:

    • External Protection : Activated immune cell such as macrophage and T cells can eliminates virus and bacteria which attacked to body cell to prevent infection or communicable diseases.

    • Internal Protection: Activated immune cells such as macrophage and natural killers can eliminates abnormal cell (cancer cell) and aging cell in body to prevent tumor formation in body. This is very important to reduce the risk of cancer and tumor in body.

  • Beta-1, 3 glucan promotes better cell repairing and prevents inflammatory which play important role in wound healing. It can speed up the wound healing process.

  • Beta 1,3 glucan enhances the function of immune cell to protect body cell from damage due to radiation effects.

  • Prevents faster absorption of sugar into bloodstream to normalize blood sugar level.

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Add a full spoon (5g) ATP5 Betamaxx in a glass of water, juices or any beverages and drinks freshly. Suggest taking before meal.


Keep in dry and cool place.


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