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AGAPE Energetique mask series is formulated with triple action natural ingredients and advanced technologies. The innovative combination of award-winning patented liposome encapsulating the customized fast acting patented essence produces micro-particle liposome which, combined with collagen peptide Tencel film, has created an effective formulation that benefits the skin at the cellular level. The advanced formulation is the secret for an immediate and long-lasting skin health from deep within.


AGAPE Energetique mask series utilized the patented Liposome System technology and high-pressure process to encapsulate the customized fast acting functional essence in producing an average 315nm micro-particle liposome which is smaller than conventional essence. The micro-particle property of the liposome facilitates the penetration of functional essence into deep skin layers. Besides, the bilayer structure of the liposome that resemble highly of cell membrane contributes to its active fuse properties which actively deliver the functional essence through the cell membrane into the cellular level.

The patented functional essence repair and restore the structure of skins barrier called stratum corneum. Optimized skin barrier function speeds up the transfer and penetration of liposomal essence into the deep layer of skin and further enhance the absorption of nutrient essence into cellular level hence significantly improve the smoothness and suppleness of skin.

AGAPE produces the collagen peptide Tencel film using advanced bio-polymerization technology which combines small molecule fish collagen and Tencel fibre. The high skin affinity and compatibility film provide optimum contact to fine facial lines, further enhances the penetration of liposomal essence into skin layer delivering peak efficacy of the functional essence.

AGAPE Energetique mask series is available in 3 different types – N°1 Hydration mask; N°2 Whitening mask; N°3 Firming Mask. Advanced genetic analysis and clinical trials have proved the benefit and efficacy of the patented functional essence. AGAPE Energetique mask series has clinically shown deep penetration of liposomal essence into deep skin layers within 5 minutes of the application to deliver immediate, deep-reaching and long-lasting benefit of skin hydration, whitening, and firming.

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