Let’s face it.

More than a decade has passed since the world embraced the 21st century. We are now facing an unpredictable 21st-century economic turmoil and challenges. While these economic issues continue to challenge us, the only alternative we have is to meet, overcome and move along with it, to embrace the changes it brings along.

All of us seek to improve our quality of life. We are all hoping to provide the best for our family and loved ones. I have been, and I am still doing my best to reach out to those who have been searching for a humble and best way to achieving a better, meaningful and happier life. Helping and nurturing others to realize their full potentials in life for them to make their dreams have been the driving force and motivation behind the decision I ventured into AGAPE.

I built AGAPE’s business on the foundation of Care and Love for people. Our concern focuses not only on earning a higher margin of profits but more importantly AGAPE is all about caring, compassion and love for the people.

I am blessed and grateful to the surrounding community who continuously give their support to AGAPE. This support is my driving force in giving my ultimate best in helping others. I firmly believed you too, could achieve the best in life as what AGAPE has done for me. The core value of AGAPE is all about helping others to realize their dreams.

The robust platform that AGAPE has built is not my venture alone. I dedicate it to every leader in the AGAPE family. This unshakable platform is evidence itself that through a choice of a soaring desire for success, we all could share the love for humanity and brings families closer. The desire for the abundance of wealth and health eventually creates a more disposable time for each of us to help one and another.

In AGAPE, everyone is an Ambassador of Kindness. I culture everyone to promote the “SUPER HEALTH” program to all. Being the Chief Ambassador to this belief, I noticed that every AGAPE Ambassador have the best relationships one could ever have.

To all Ambassadors of Kindness, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to every one of you for your outstanding support and contributions. I feel humbled and grateful to have your support. As no words could describe my feelings, I want to let you all know that the hard work and painstaking care you have put forward will set AGAPE at the top of the world!

Changes are bound to happen and only time will tell, and as the saying goes, nothing stays the same. No matter what changes brings about in our daily life, AGAPE will always illuminate and remain loyal to you. AGAPE will walk side by side with you in your journey fulfilling your dreams, be it health or wealth.

I am committed to keeping this promise as part of my obligation and responsibility. If you have a dream to provide a comfortable life for your loved ones and yourself, then I call upon you to rise and make your dreams come true. AGAPE knows no limits. Challenges will be another opportunity to be tapped.

AGAPE is here to stay with a noble mission that unites everyone in the spirit of togetherness in shaping our future. A future that is bright and promising that is meant for those who contribute with utmost sincerity — a prospect that brings loved ones and yourself to a more happy, peaceful, rewarding and greater harmony.

Y.H. Dato’ Sri Dr. How Kok Choong
S.S.A.P, D.I.M.P, J.P.
Global President
Agape Superior Living International Group

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