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The report at the National Health Morbidity Survey Malaysia (NHMS 2015) shown that around 47.7% of adults are suffering from overweight and obesity problems nationwide. Overweight and obesity have become one of the causes for the steady increase of mortality and chronic disease rates worldwide. The lack of exercise and excessive intake of foods loaded with refined sugar and high starch content are the main factors that cause overweight and obesity.

Long term overconsumption of sugar can lead to insulin resistance and bring about an excessive production of insulin. Hence, a high level of insulin can cause the conversion of blood sugar into fats to be stored in the abdomen that leads to the formation of central obesity (fat belly). Also, the long-term state of high sugar level can cause chronic diseases. For example, the biggest killer in the world: Type 2 Diabetes. Scientific reseach shows a proper control of blood sugar levels can effectively help bring an end to the root cause of hyperglycemia. AGAPE Trim+ contains three major ingredients to help control body weight by regulating the blood sugar levels in order to help prevent the formation of chronic diseases.


  • Trim+ utilizes advanced technology to extract the patented active ingredients in foods. It can effectively inhibit the starch from digesting the enzymes, which help reduce the breakdown and absorption of sugars.

  • Provide significant effect on weight management and blood sugar regulation in the human body.

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