What is ATP?

  • The main source of energy for body cell is generated by mitochondria for which they produce ATP (adenosine triphosphate) to generate tremendous energy, known as “cells’ power generator”.

Mitochondria features more than the world’s largest nuclear power plantation, ATP is formed by their input into the cytoplasm, used by the cells and fulfill the energy needs of whole body’s.

  • If you want to have a high quality lifestyle and longevity, it is necessary to maintain the mitochondrial health.

However, due to ignorance, we are letting our bad habits ruling our body, slowly moving to the destruction progress, destroying our precious cell energy production.

  • The formation of Free Radicals is caused by the malfunctioning of mitochondria which is due to long term exposure to hazardous environment. Formation of radicals → mitochondrial mutations → the more mitochondrial mutations, DNA are more likely to be damage → all of these will lead to cell dying
  • Reasons of aging: The longer the duration of mitochondrial mutations, the greater the damage.

1991 Nobel Prize winner in Biomedical Field

Erwin Neher and Bert Sakmann are the two German cell physiologist who discovered the single ion channels of the cell membrane.

How do cells pass through the ion-selective membrane:

  1. Body cell is isolated from the outside world by the cell membrane, there are many channels in the cell membrane which allow the absorption of nutrients. They said: there are around  20-40 ion-selective channels which to be used by body cells for the transfer of nutrients.
  2. These channels consists of a single molecule or multiple molecules called proteins [channel], the diameter of the passage hole is very small which can only allow a specific ion (0.5 – 0.6 million of a millimeter) to pass through at one time.
  3. The formation of ion channels (proteins) will change accordingly to the environment which will lead to the changes in the flow of ions. The changes in molecular shape of ion channels indicating ion channels’ movement such as “Open” or “Close”. These changes are triggered by an acceptor (Figure ID) which is a specific signals activating molecule in cell.
  4. In the cell membrane of muscle cells, an ion channel allows up to 10–12 amperes passing through, which is equal to one hundred million ions per second.
  5. Life is started from the changes in cell membrane. All cells including nerve cells, gland cells, and blood cells, use the specific ion channels to perform certain function.

ATP Zeta Program Basic Theory I

ATP Zeta Super Health Program emphasizes on optimizing the human cells’ functionality.

Since our bodies working continuously under the stressful environment nowadays, our healthy lifestyles have been affected and slowly our immune system is getting weaker. The crisis is unprecedented.

The factors of threat to health:

1. Lack of hydrogen content
2. Unable to eliminate body toxin
3. Improper functioning of cells’ chemical process due to damage
4. Malnutrition due soil’s nutrient depletion

  • Due to environmental pollution, lifestyle changes, etc., all these are the factors that causing human body disease, for which this important fact has been neglected by general theorists.

The key problem: whether the Mitochondrion, the source of ATP energy, able to function properly? If the number of mitochondria is limited, the failure of ATP production is the key issue.

  • This is why even after several kind of drugs consumed and therapies applied, there are people who still suffering in those diseases.
  • Therefore, it is necessary to provide sufficient nutrients to our cells to improve our health:
    The human body has about three megabytes of cells. Within each cell, it contains 1200 mitochondria which are in separate entities and having the specific DNA.
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